Meet the Founding Members of Contemplative Light

Contemplative Light is a community of interspiritual writers and teachers providing resources for the healing of persons. This includes resources for:

  • Contemplative Practitioners: courses, study guides, training materials, articles, podcasts, and lessons on silent prayer and meditation for beginning and experienced contemplatives.

  • Contemplative Spiritual Community: to connect, grow, learn from, and support each other on this journey.

  • Resources for Healing Professionals: clergy, therapists, doctors, spiritual directors, and mental health professionals open to the meditative aspect of the healing process.

Meet the Founding Members below and be sure to say hello to Our Partners as well.

Clint Sabom

Clint Sabom is an award-winning writer. He has published in The Tulane Review, Paste Magazine and with Dabel Brothers, among others. His paper “Bunuel and Surrealism: The Changing Manifestations” won best paper at the 2012 Conference of The Americas. He lived in Budapest, Hungary in 2003 as a Gilman Scholar. For the first six months of 2007, he lived at The Order of Julian of Norwich, a contemplative, monastic order of The Episcopal Church.  He enjoys hosting The Contemplative Light Podcast. He was recently interviewed on United Intentions Media. He has benefited immensely from the Jnana Yoga teachings of Roger Castillo.

Marc Thomas Shaw

Marc is an award-winning instructor and author focusing on the contemplative path as a means of inner transformation. A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, he has been a Centering Prayer practitioner for over a decade and is a commissioned presenter through Contemplative Outreach. He is also the author of the book Dante’s Road: The Journey Home For The Modern Soul, a spiritual formation guidebook loosely based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. He is a a member of Spiritual Directors International, and a part of The Ignatian Spirituality Project. Read more at

We work with a variety of partners who are current contributors to our Facebook page and will soon be sharing articles on our blog as well. Meet them here.