An Integral and Unitive Model

For anyone who craves to deepen their contemplative journey through the intermediate and highers stages of the mystical path, The Devotional Practice of the Jesus Prayer offers an opportunity to travel through the various states of awakening and understand the territory. The historic practice of The Jesus Prayer joins with a thorough, experiential exposition of the Purgation/Illumination/Union path of Christian Mysticism. To help make these traditional dimensions and phases of the spiritual life more accessible for the contemporary seeker, we also use the most relevant material from Integral Theory, Mindfulness, and World Spirituality.

in the words of a current student....

“The integral Jesus Prayer method is really taking shape. I find that as I pray, an image or thought comes to mind. I continue to repeat the prayer while submitting that thought to God, asking God for help in the area the thought is about. Sometimes I find it’s about Christ having mercy on a certain aspect of myself, a certain area of my life, or sometimes it expands outwards to my family, or a group of people. Typically it’s just a mental image and the Jesus Prayer at the same time. I’m finding the integral Jesus Prayer as a way of submitting everything to God without having to find the ‘right words’. Just knowing that situation or aspect has been submitted to God and God will help me in ways that are beyond words and my own understanding is a wonderful gift of grace.”
— Martin T., California