Writing & Submission Guidelines

Contemplative Light welcomes submissions for articles and essays. You may either send a completed article or essay for consideration, or create a one-page summary for a project yet to be completed.

Send all submissions to connect@contemplativelight.com. If submitting an essay or article, please include "Submission - Article" in the Subject header of your submission email. If submitting a work of poetry, please include "Submission - Poetry" in the subject header of your submission email. Do not submit with us unless you’ve read these guidelines and are familiar with expectations.

Please expect to hear back from us in about 2-3 weeks of your initial submission. Our editorial staff may determine that your submitted piece may work better at a different time. For example, during Spring 2018, Contemplative Light is focusing on the Christian Mystics, and our content across platforms is focused on some aspect of the Christian Mystics and their tradition.


  1. Include name and title of your piece.
  2. Include your article or outline of proposed material.
  3. Include a personal bio, along with any relevant website and social media information.
  4. Include where else you have published or are scheduled for publication.

At this time we cannot provide payment for work published with Contemplative Light.

Submission Guidelines

Contemplative Light is an organization providing resources for experienced contemplatives, beginners, clergy, and healing professionals. Generally speaking, this means both readers and writers maintain spiritual practices that foster spiritual growth and insight. Every article we publish will have a spiritual angle to it, and focus on some element of practice and transformation. We tend to focus on the general reader, so we prefer to keep our content fairly brief and accessible, and focus on stories of personal experience rather than academic study and research.

Please include the image you would like to appear in the post header.


  • Spiritual Practice
  • Pilgrimage
  • Contemplation and Activism
  • Contemplation and Healing
  • Contemplation and Resilience
  • Contemplation and The Environment
  • Christian Mystics
  • The Perennial Tradition
  • Nondual Awareness
  • Non-Christian Wisdom Figures 
  • Sacred Poetry