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We maintain an active and engaging community page on Facebook. It's a place where you can enjoy a variety of posts from both the founding members of Contemplative Light and our many partners on the contemplative journey. Please come join us today.

We're on Twitter now too!

Our Podcast

Founding member, Clint Sabom, hosts an inspirational podcast on Blog Talk Radio. The Graveyard Cowboy at Midnight is about mysticism and religious experience. Special emphasis is given to Christianity, but all major religious traditions are honored. Clint covers general self-help topics as well. Recently, he hosted an interesting podcast on Centering Prayer with one of our partners, Rich Lewis.

Our Press

We are happy to announce Contemplative Light Press, a small publishing operation we are setting up to help spiritual writers produce and market their books in a timely and efficient matter (without having to wait months and years for Publishers and Agents to respond).

Our first book, PREPARATION FOR GREAT LIGHT: Recollections of a Christian Mystic, a short memoir by Clint Sabom, has been published! This is the kind of book that you don't usually get from spiritual writers early in their career - where they candidly reveal the significant religious experiences that have shaped them. Learn more and buy it today on Amazon


Please contact us if you are an author or writer with an interest in publishing with us. We look forward to speaking with you.

Our Courses


One of our primary objectives is to create and share contemplative learning courses to help our community members find their way home to God. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new course:  Contemplative Practices: 5 Ways To Get Closer To God.

This course, taught by Clint Sabom and Marc Thomas Shaw provides a comprehensive background and training in five contemplative exercises from the Christian tradition: 

  • Centering Prayer
  • The Examen/Imaginative Prayer
  • Christian Meditation
  • The Jesus Prayer
  • Lectio Divina

Taking this course will be a great way to learn new spiritual practices, re-invigorate your inner life of faith, and start (or re-start) a daily routine of prayer and meditation. We invite you to join us.


We Invite You to Stay In Touch

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As our way of saying thank you, we'd like to send you a free copy of The Little Book Of Contemplative Practices sent straight to your inbox just for signing up! With a brief background on the Christian contemplative tradition and descriptions of ten everyday practices, this is the perfect guide to help you get reoriented along the spiritual path.

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