The Contemplative Light Podcast, Episode 42: Religious Abuse, Gaslighting, and Sexual Shame, with Mackenzi Kingdon

A good talk between myself and Mackenzi Kingdon. Mackenzi is a therapist, and she helps many clients heal from the negative core beliefs that can become instilled in us by religion. She recognizes the value and the danger inherent in the power of religious life, and she honors the importance of spirituality. Yet many in our day and age have turned away from religion, for various reasons. Obviously, religion has often played a dark role in human history, but on a more subtle level, it can leave residues of shame and fear in many, even when are not overtly dramatic abuses. A candid and playful guest, we hope to talk more with Mackenzi in future podcasts. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for future podcasts, please leave at the bottom of the page.

Contemplative Light has compiled a collection of quotes from the world’s mystics. This is a simple book for daily meditation and reflection. Enjoy below!

For more about Mackenzi Kingdon, you can check out her website.