The Contemplative Light Podcast, Episode Six: The Theology of Richard Rohr and the Dysfunctions of Evangelicalism

This is one of our more interesting podcasts.

Marc and Clint discuss an article by Ilia Delio that responds and (intelligently) critiques the theology of Richard Rohr.  

But the discussion goes on, to a host of contemporary topics:

1. Is Richard Rohr giving Christianity more relevance for posterity?  Is his Integral reframing of orthodoxy helpful or hurtful? Does it matter?

2. Why are so many becoming disillusioned with Evangelical Christianity? Moreover, what is the appeal to progressive Christians of preachers who now simply bash conservatives as their entire platform?  

3. How come some traditionalists become disillusioned in their early twenties, some go through a later adolescent individuation in their thirties, while still others seem to maintain traditional theologies even if they loosen up in their personal lives?

4. Why the preoccupation with the person of Jesus? Is this simply a pure faith or is there a deep fear of hell behind salvation philosophies? Should we be afraid of hell? What was the big deal with all that publicity about a guy named Rob Bell?