Clint Sabom's book, Preparation For Great Light: Recollections Of A Christian Mystic" is a collection of autobiographical experiences, mainly during the year of 2007. 

What people are saying about Preparation For Great Light:

"Clint Sabom lived for two months in a Benedictine Monastery and the experience has had a lasting impact on his life. He came to see that in the end a luminous life is not the exception, but the norn. We develop gratitude for the little things.What I liked most about the book is that Sabom wrestles with the creative tension that exists between the monastery and the world. For example, what is the relationships of contemplative practices such as yoga and centering prayer to the traditional prayer and vespers services of the monastery with their hymns and scripture readings that echo through the centuries? I also appreciate how Sabom directly engages the major pulls on our souls such as our deep yearning for God and our mortality.
Sabom's book is well written and gracefully brief. The monastery has a deep gravitational pull on Sabom as it does me. And I too struggle with how to hold the creative tension between the monastery and the world. May more people like Sabom attempt to bridge these two worlds that have so much to offer each other. May more like Sabom, be anchored in Contemplative Christianity. I highly recommend this book, Preparation For Great Light, to all seekers. I also highly recommend the courses on Contemplative Christianity that Sabom spearheaded. You will find the courses at" 

-Amos Smith, author of Healing The Divide

"Clint has written a very personal account of some of the high points of his faith journey. His writing style is personal, intimate, and engaging. The narrative relates specific moments of his life but in doing so it touches on the deeper issues of the faith journey. People who've journeyed outside the narrow confines of their childhood faith will, I think, find here encouragement for following the moment to moment promptings that lead us into our unique embodiment of the Holy Spirit. An enjoyable, inspiring read!" 

-Bill Epperly, Ph.D, Spiritual Director

"The book is honest, raw, revealing, forgiving and offers encouragement to the fallable seeker. A wonderful read that swings from easy spacious prose to intense stream of consciousness journaling - the writer holds nothing back and takes us for a deeply meaningful ride."

-Rabbi Benjamin Shalva, author of Ambition Addiction and Spiritual Cross-Training

"Mighty fine work, cowboy! So few ever reach the place of understanding that Clint has here. Fewer still avoid the label of crazy by those who know them. This Graveyard Cowboy brings us his journey, so that we can learn from him, and take our own. Are y'all ready?"

-Paul Bishop