Integral theory integrates all disciplines to one theory of everything.  In this sense, it is a meta-theory, a theory about theories.  But don't be fooled by the exacerbated use of the word "theory," -- it's all about practice, growth, and spiritual evolution.  And in this theory,  unlike other philosophical paradigms, God actually exists.  

(1 of 4) An Introduction To Ken Wilber And Integral Theory For Christians, and Spiritual Seekers.

An Introduction to Ken Wilber and Integral Theory for Christians and spiritual seekers. (1 of 4)

(2 of 4) integral theory: stages and development

Integral Theory: Stages and Development

(3 of 4) Integral theory: higher state-stages

Integral Theory: Higher State-Stages

(4 of 4) Integral Philosophy and St. John of The Cross

Integral Philosophy And St. John Of The Cross