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Contemplative Light is a community of Christian contemplative practitioners and guides from all walks of life devoted to cultivating mystical awareness through spiritual practice.

Our intention is to share a variety of practices centered around silence and receptivity, mindfulness and love, drawing on our rich tradition of monasticism and mysticism.  In this light, we offer our insight and support for those interested in living a contemplative life in a hectic world. 

We invite you to participate with us as we explore what it means to open to the sacred rhythms of the divine dance. We offer you our insight, our experience, and most importantly, our love. 

Welcome, friend - it is good to see you again.

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Find out about our organization, mission, our upcoming courses, and the future plans of where we're going.

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grow in the tradition

We offer spiritual direction from an Integral perspective, whether you are growing in the Christian tradition or identify more as spiritual-not-religious.

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