There's always some concern about mingling commerce with spiritual teachings. And that's valid! We've certainly had a lot of discussions on this topic at Contemplative Light and with our partners. 

We are an independent organization of contemplative teachers and practitioners. and we understand many in our audience are clerics, students, and people committed to simplicity, not extravagance. In that spirit we're striving to maintain fair pricing for all our offerings, given the hundreds of hours that go into our work. 

Though this is truly a labor of love, there are of course costs to offset. Monastic orders traditionally brought in some amount of income through baking bread, brewing ale or some other service. In that same vein, our teachings are our service.

A warm thank you to everyone who engages with us and with the many other wonderful contemplative teachers and practitioners. We're honored to be part of this community.

Marc and Clint
Co-Founders, Contemplative Light"

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