Have you had mystical experiences in the past that defy explanation?

How do you understand these shifts of consciousness that occur in light of your contemplative practice, your religious views, and contemporary psychology? What's the best path forward from here?

I've been talking to clients every week in hour long phone sessions, and I've been trying to put into words, "what exactly do I do?" 

It seems like most people I talk to have had some major mystical experiences in the past, or at least some huge life-defining epiphanies,  

And yet as the path continues our experiences are not always consistent,  

And sometimes there seems to be little happening at all,  

Where did those big, ecstatic feelings go? 

Or why do they come and go with different things?  

And can you really call yourself a mystic?

If this resonates, you probably can, 

SO I offer an initial discount session to discern your place in the spiritual path…  

And help process the miraculous things that have happened to you and also the things that haven't happened,

Basically, we work together to:

* Look at the meaning of your mystical experiences and understand your contemplative life in light of religion, psychology, and your personal dreams and goals,  

* Leave this session validated and assured that your journey has a legitimate place on the spiritual map  to

* Return to your spiritual practice with a new paradigm of inspiration.  

If you’d like to take advantage of this special, 45 minute session, for only $25, please sign up below and tell me a little about youself...  


Clint Sabom

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Clint Sabom is a Spiritual Coach, an award-winning writer, a former aspirant monk, and has worked for various psychic networks. He is Co-Founder of Contemplative Light, a community of spiritual teachers. His teachings involve a wide range of disciplines and traditions, including Christian mysticism, Buddhism, psychology, philosophy, Hermetics, Magick, and Integral Theory.

Reviews Of Clint Sabom

"The integral Jesus Prayer method is really taking shape. I find that as I pray, an image or thought comes to mind. I continue to repeat the prayer while submitting that thought to God, asking God for help in the area the thought is about. Sometimes I find it’s about Christ having mercy on a certain aspect of myself, a certain area of my life, or sometimes it expands outwards to my family, or a group of people. Typically it’s just a mental image and the Jesus Prayer at the same time. I’m finding the integral Jesus Prayer as a way of submitting everything to God without having to find the ‘right words’. Just knowing that situation or aspect has been submitted to God and God will help me in ways that are beyond words and my own understanding is a wonderful gift of grace.”

 — Martin T., California

 "While I “know” and, indeed, have taught for years everything that you mentioned in our phone call and in your map the reality is that I had lost my point of view, my “center”, my connection/relationship with our Source, our God. What I seem to have needed was someone whacking me over the head with the truths that you did ... which specific language I had not heard before and which moved me instantly into a new heart-space. Just like that."  

-Brian M., British Columbia  

"Body & Mind tips are simple and easily integrated to my daily routine. Very helpful. I’m feeling far more focused, and insights are coming a bit quicker as a result.... " 

--Carolyn P., California

"Thank you. It is hard to find people who "can hear you" when your path has become that of the Christian Mystic as mine has. It's good that your out there making yourself available for that. Peace and All Good to you... p.s. your words here clearly said to me that you have the thing you are giving away... nice to meet you."

-Newton Boyd

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