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20 Christian Mystics: Their lives, teachings, and Writings

Drawing on the best available writing on the topic of Christian Mysticism both ancient and modern, for a limited time we're offering a special course on the Christian Mystics Living Sacraments: The Christian Mystics And The Inner Journey To God

This course helps contemplatives, healers, clergy, and spiritual directors get a handle on the daunting subject of Christian Mysticism to draw on this timeless wisdom for their own spiritual journey AND to provide care to those they serve.

After taking this powerful course, you will know:

  • The path of mystical transformation

  • The four main mystical types

  • The three eras of mystical flowering in the Christian West

  • The lives, key teachings, challenges, and major works of TWENTY of the Christian mystics


  • Some of the original writings of the Christian mystics

  • A download of a timeline of the Christian Mystics

  • A lecturer discussion on how this course affected their own contemplative practices

  • Bonus Video: The Christian Mystics and Activism

  • Bonus Video: Lessons on Leadership from the Christian Mystics

  • Bonus Video: Christian Mystics and the Healing of Persons

  • Bonus Video: The Mystics and Orthodoxy

  • Bonus Video: The Mystics and Nondual Awareness

  • Bonus Video: The Women Mystics

  • Bonus Video: The Christian Mystics and Interfaith Dialogue

  • A reading list for ongoing education

  • Discounts on other Contemplative Light courses

5 contemplative practices from the christian tradition

Welcome to an introductory course on both practice and perspectives of these timeless teachings from the Christian Mystical and Contemplative traditions! Whether you are a long-time practitioner looking to solidify your understanding and framework for practice or a beginner interested in immersing yourself in this teaching, this course can serve as a rich resource.

This essential course examines in-depth traditional practices of the Christian mystics, including:

  • The Examen (from Ignatian Spirituality)

  • Centering Prayer

  • Lectio Divina

  • The Jesus Prayer

  • Christian Meditation

Our aim as practitioners and teachers is to offer these ancient teachings in relevant and accessible ways to a modern audience, and to integrate these teachings and practices more deeply into our everyday lives.

This foundational course is available for a special price

For those interested in a simple introductory guide to The Jesus Prayer, we have a mini-course here. 

HOW TO WRITE A DEVOTIONAL: Plus How To Get Them Published

If you read devotionals, you already know how they can be a true blessing. A devotional can uplift you when you’re feeling discouraged, sad or lonely. It can help you acknowledge and repent from sins that cause personal rifts and create distance in your relationship with God. It can allow you to feel a keen sense of fellowship with another Christian, even if the two of you never actually meet.

And, if you are feeling called to write devotionals, know that you have a unique opportunity to bless others and make a genuine difference in their lives. This course takes you step by step through the process, and then guides you towards publishing, if that is your goal.


Writing As A Spiritual Practice: Focusing On God's Purpose For Your Life

This course helps you to access the rich spiritual stories that lie deeply within you. Words are powerful. The words that you write can be used to:

  • help you understand yourself better – and therefore divine God’s purpose in your life

  • facilitate healing of spiritual wounds

  • minister to others more effectively

  • share your testimonies of how God has worked in your life

People who are drawn to writing as a spiritual practice range from beginning writers to experienced ones. The amount of writing you've done is not relevant. What matters is your willingness to commit to the journey, to travel from the known to the unknown, the conscious to the subconscious, from the polished to the raw.



I am enjoying the course.
I have done yoga for 45 years so am used to meditation. During those years I used my Christian thoughts for relaxation
I like to re- review your course and keep working on my progress.
God bless you!
— Margaret G.
“While I “know” and, indeed, have taught for years everything that you mentioned in our phone call and in your map the reality is that I had lost my point of view, my “center”, my connection/relationship with our Source, our God. What I seem to have needed was someone whacking me over the head with the truths that you did ... which specific language I had not heard before and which moved me instantly into a new heart-space. Just like that.”
— Brian M.
I applaud you for stepping out and providing information and services for those that are undergoing a spiritual transformation and are wondering what the heck is happening to them. You have been very helpful and responsive to me and my questions and I deeply appreciate that!
— Laura W.

Praise For Clint Sabom's YouTube Channel:

"Thank you. It is hard to find people who "can hear you" when your path has become that of the Christian Mystic as mine has. It's good that your out there making yourself available for that. Peace and All Good to you... p.s. your words here clearly said to me that you have the thing you are giving away... nice to meet you."

-Newton Boyd

"This could possibly be the most helpful four minute video on youtube.."

Xavier Jones-Barlow

"Absolutely loving your videos, Clint. It's so rare to see other practitioners and those who want to share their thoughts, I greatly appreciate it!"