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An Integral and Unitive Model



For anyone who craves to deepen their contemplative journey through the intermediate and highers stages of the mystical path, The Devotional Practice of the Jesus Prayer offers an opportunity to travel through the various states of awakening and understand the territory. The historic practice of The Jesus Prayer joins with a thorough, experiential exposition of the Purgation/Illumination/Union path of Christian Mysticism. To help make these traditional dimensions and phases of the spiritual life more accessible for the contemporary seeker, we also use the most relevant material from Integral Theory, Mindfulness, and World Spirituality.

Course Objectives

  • Integrate the practice of the Jesus Prayer into your daily life and observe the changes and shifts that happen and do not happen as you progress.
  • Deepen your experience of states of consciousness and understand these from the perspective of The Christian Mystical Path and Integral Theory.
  • Break through the next barrier in your contemplative practice. After one state of awareness becomes integrated, new states open up after that. There is always another layer of the onion to unpeel. What is this for you? This course provides practical exercises and a wide array of theoretical perspectives to help make that happen
  • Connect and learn with the instructor on an online message board, only available for course members.

If you are familiar with Integral Theory, this course focuses on the Causal and Witnessing state-stages of the Waking Up Process using The Jesus Prayer as our contemplative practice in accessing and integrating these states into everyday awareness. 

If you are familiar with Richard Rohr and Thomas Keating, this course focuses on the contemplative path to God, using The Jesus Prayer through purgation, illumination, and divine union.


This is a self-paced course. You will have lifetime access. Most of our students find that is helpful to circle back through this course material as your prayer life and practice grows and evolves over time. Content includes:

-Audio meditations on the process of saying The Jesus Prayer.

-Audio talks about non-dual perspectives from other religions

-Visual presentations with lecture about the nature of different states of awakening

-Written practical advice for saying the prayer on an ongoing basis. Growing with the prayer.

-Diagrams and charts about Christian mysticism, World Mysticism, and Integral Spirituality

-Participation in online chat group

If all this is somewhat new to you, don't worry, included in this course, is a simple introduction to The Jesus Prayer, its practice and history: a good source of review for those familiar with it, and a good foundation of context for those learning it for the first time. There is also charts that introduce Integral Theory and Buddhist metaphysical concepts in a clear, accessible way.



I am enjoying the course.
I have done yoga for 45 years so am used to meditation. During those years I used my Christian thoughts for relaxation
I like to re- review your course and keep working on my progress.
God bless you!
— Margaret G.
“While I “know” and, indeed, have taught for years everything that you mentioned in our phone call and in your map the reality is that I had lost my point of view, my “center”, my connection/relationship with our Source, our God. What I seem to have needed was someone whacking me over the head with the truths that you did ... which specific language I had not heard before and which moved me instantly into a new heart-space. Just like that.”
— Brian M.
I applaud you for stepping out and providing information and services for those that are undergoing a spiritual transformation and are wondering what the heck is happening to them. You have been very helpful and responsive to me and my questions and I deeply appreciate that!
— Laura W.