Contemplative Practice

A Practice Of Release

A Practice Of Release

In contemplative circles, we often talk about cultivating ongoing practices. Given what the term “contemplation” means for so many with no training or familiarity with the tradition, this seems antithetical.

“Wait, doesn’t contemplation mean sitting and thinking about something for a very long time?” It’s inactivity par excellence. If you fool yourself long enough into thinking that kind of inactivity matters in the world, well, you turn it into a lifestyle and call yourself a contemplative.

Tuesday Tip with Rich: Sitting

When I first started to practice silence it was painful.

I had heard that silence will transform you.

So, I began to sit in silence.

It was brutal!

I set a timer and sat for 1-3 minutes and dreaded it.

I did not know what to do in the silence. 

I just knew it will change me. 

I then came across Centering Prayer.

I discovered a container for the silence.

I have not looked back.

As much as possible I try to practice centering prayer twice per day.

My first sit in the morning prepares me for the day!

My second sit later in the day recharges and refreshes me.

I need both sits.

They make me whole!

Let me know if I can help.

Awakening And The Little Metanoia

Awakening And The Little Metanoia

One of the challenges of the contemplative life is understanding the relationship between the contemplative dimension of life – the cultivation of an interior silence that radically changes how we perceive the world and the self-in-the-world – and the bare facts of the practical lives we find ourselves in.

Philosophers call it the phenomenal world.
More poetically, Eastern traditions have called it the ten thousand things.

Two Kinds of Magic Moment

Two Kinds of Magic Moment

One of my many privileges in life, and there are a lot of them, is to live in a place of great natural beauty. Accustomed to seasons of changing leaves, barren trees, snowfall, the budding, fragrant spring, and the majesty of a summer thundershower in my childhood in Germany, admittedly the low rate of seasonal change in California took some getting used to.

What Is Contemplation?

What Is Contemplation?

At a family dinner some years ago, I made passing reference to Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation. My brother, a pragmatic businessman, quietly repeated the word “contemplation” to himself. Then he shook his head.

Abiding In Silence

Abiding In Silence

After some amount of contemplative practice, and maybe even a deeper awakening experience, we tend to notice how much of our energy is handed over to thoughts, to mind-stuff. After a while, we notice all of it, everything outside of the pure silence is mind stuff, thought forms of one level of another.