An Open Letter To Those Who Attack Christian Mysticism

Dear Children Of God, Whom I love,

          It is the beauty of subjective experience that I do not have to speak at anyone or anything, not because I chose not to, but because I can't. We all see each other only partially. The rest is the world.

I understand that the contemplative journey can open deeper levels of awareness, and at first that awareness can hit us as pain and fear. Yet there is nothing ultimately to fear in these states of mind and soul.  These kinesthetic waves of sensation that begin in our body (or so we think) are always leading us closer to God. Part of the Christian journey that is often overlooked is the fact that it is a journey at all. The gifts of the Spirit invariably lead us to greater and greater heights. The road up the mountain can be rough terrain at times, but fear not - it gets better and better as you go.