As part of our library for contemplatives, we want to provide more than contemplative teachings and instruction, but facilitate contemplative experiences. A big part of that has traditionally been what you might call audio divina, or sacred sound. From Gregorian Chant to the Tibetan Prayer bowl, sound is one of the gateways into contemplative practice.

At Contemplative Light, we're building an audio library to facilitate your contemplative practice.

Centering Prayer Transition Exercise

This two-minute exercise is intended to help Centering Prayer practitioners transition from everyday consciousness into the contemplative space.

Body Scan Exercise

This exercise is intended to help practitioners increase presence, awareness, and mindfulness of the body-mind connection.

It is time to be by maria gullo

This soothing piece by Maria Gullo is intended for use before Centering Prayer, transitioning into the contemplative space with an invitation to let go. For access to Maria's full CD, click here!:

Who Am I?

Why Do Spiritual Teachers Change Their Names?

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