Spiritual Guides for the Christian Mystical Path


Do you want to go deeper on the Christian mystical path?

If you could push a button and travel all the way on the contemplative path, towards union with the Almighty God, do you know what it would look like?

How you would feel inside?

What taste of the IMMENSE Kingdom of Heaven could you experience on a daily basis?

A lot of us sell ourselves short when we think about our contemplative and spiritual journey.

We say, “I'd just like to commit to my daily practices a little more,” or, "maybe there are some books I could read, but I feel like I know this stuff."

Or: "I guess if I really wanted to get serious about this, I'd have to live at a monastery."

But, really, we aren't completely sure what practices are right for us or what the path forward even LOOKS like.

“While I “know” and, indeed, have taught for years everything that you mentioned in our phone call and in your map the reality is that I had lost my point of view, my “center”, my connection/relationship with our Source, our God. What I seem to have needed was someone whacking me over the head with the truths that you did ... which specific language I had not heard before and which moved me instantly into a new heart-space. Just like that.”
— Brian M., -British Colombia

A little more effort here and there barely moves the needle (which is one of the reasons why many "spiritual types" often find themselves only scratching the surface of mysticism year after year).

AND...There is nothing in mystical literature that says that only certain types of monks are granted access to these pathways and experiences.

IN FACT, the new monasticism of lay people looking to dive deeper and commit to daily practices is growing, but where do you start?

SO, if you'd like to finally immerse yourself in the very path that produced spiritual masters like St. John of The Cross, Thomas Merton, and the many mystics and contemplatives of historic Christendom,

AND, If you'd like to get our personal support to make it happen, then take a look!


For a limited time we're offering a special "Discerning Your Spiritual Path" GUIDE Session (a $150 value) for $25. During this powerful one-on-one discernment session, we'll work together to...

  • Discern your current position on the Christian Mystical Path and define the path forward to lifelong contemplative practices that are right for YOU.
  •  Understand the hidden blocks and everyday challenges that prevent you from deepening your commitment to Spiritual Practice and being able to feel Deep Peace on a daily basis.
  • Leave this session with a renewed sense of wonder, purpose, and the inspiration to finally become the serious practitioner you've always wanted to be.

The guide session contains ZERO obligation to purchase any further services.  

For those interested in further coaching, Contemplative Light does offer spiritual coaching packages.  

To claim your special "Discerning Your Spiritual Path " guide session today, simply fill out the form below. This is a limited time offer.  


“I like the map, the setup is great, for this particular rendition of expressing a guideline to full body/full contact spirituality. The call was great. The questions and answer setup works well, and you seem well versed in seeking out the specifics when needed to bring things in order, so that you can give them an idea of where to begin, and where you can take the map in direction.”
— Paul B., -Texas
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