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As we grow in our offerings Contemplative Light is able to offer Affiliate Program Partnerships at a rate of 30% per sale for assistance in promoting our events and courses through your own existing channels! This is a great way for us to also help fund and facilitate our ecosystem partners like yourself. 

Once we are able to review your application information, we will provide you with an Affiliate Program Agreement. Please read, print, sign, scan, and return.

Once accepted, we will provide you with personalized affiliate URLs and/or personalized Coupon Codes as well as any requested podcast ad copy or Contemplative Light images you may need in referring your audience to Contemplative Light's events, courses, or products. 

Your payout amount will accrue until your tracked promotions reach the $100 threshold. Payouts from Contemplative Light are currently submitted via Paypal. If you do not yet have a Paypal account we are currently unable to provide Affiliate Partnership status. Alternately, you may wish to sign up for a new account here.

If you are interested in this program, please provide us with the following information. We will review your application and respond as we are able, likely within 2-3 weeks of receiving your application.

Thank you and thank you for all that you do for those you serve!

Marc & Clint
Contemplative Light

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